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Web design easily is the most important aspect of branding your business because it is the main identity seen by the masses. For that reason, a business’ website must not miss an opportunity to gain the interest of visitors and entice them to take action. It also is the most efficient and cost-effective way to deliver your message. With a few keystrokes and clicks of a mouse, a website can be uploaded to the web where it can be retrieved by literally billions of people around the world at a moment’s notice.

Although we focus the design of a website around a new or existing brand, our team puts function over style and develops with clear goals in mind. We don’t measure success by the appeal of a website but the results our clients get from it. To handle the expansion of any growing business, we recommend developing websites in WordPress–a free open source software that is supported by a thriving and engaged community of thousands of web developers. It is easy-to-use and extremely versatile with plugins all of kinds that expand the functionality to your site. Furthermore, Google loves WordPress sites because they are updated more frequently and content is structured well, and Google developers have even gone on record to recommend WordPress. In return, a WordPress site ranks faster than a static website.

Also, all of our websites are mobile-friendly. According to Statista, 95 percent of Americans in January 2019 actively browsed the internet from their mobile device. With people accessing your website from so many different devices, having a single static website design no longer works in today’s age of technology. We are a web developer who develops web designs with a responsive design, which is a form of design that adapts the layout to the viewing environment of the device. This ensures that your site always looks good and that your brand is always delivered to the viewer.

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