Urban Growers Greenhouse now carries Great Lakes Growers

urban growers great lakes growers

Urban Growers Greenhouse announces it now carries Great Lakes Growers products at its locations.

Great Lakes Growers, located in Burton, Ohio, is a hydroponic greenhouse grower of ultra fresh, ultra clean lettuces, herbs and micro greens, such as basil, watercress and arugula. Its 55,000-square-foot automated greenhouse facility allows Great Lakes Growers to strive to become a large-scale local producer of hydroponic lettuces through the utilization of new architectural and processing techniques that have been utilized in Europe and are now economically feasible in northern Ohio.

The philosophy at Great Lakes Growers is simply to consistently deliver the absolute freshest, cleanest, highest quality local produce at prices that makes eating healthy affordable. By utilizing proven state-of-the-art growing facilities, it satisfies customer demand on a year-round basis as current market trends continue to indicate customers are now more educated about sustainability than ever and demand fresh, locally grown food.

Rather than growing in a field, Great Lakes Growers grows in a climate-controlled greenhouse and utilizes environmental controls and hydroponic irrigation techniques. This enables Great Lakes Growers to ensure uniform quality, the best possible nutritional value and year-round availability of its products without using any genetically modified processes or chemical pesticides in its growing techniques.

Great Lakes Growers’ product is used by plenty of restaurants in Northeast Ohio, including Washington Place Bistro & Inn, L’Albatros Brasserie & Bar, The Greenhouse Tavern and Hodge’s in Cleveland, Umami in Chagrin Falls, Ohio and Bass Lake Taverne in Chardon, Ohio. Visit www.greatlakesgrowers.com for more information about Great Lakes Growers and its products.