Public Relations.

Cleveland Public Relations

Surround your target demographics with constant and compelling messages about your business and products with the help of public relations.

For public relations to drive your sales, revenue and profits, it must be able to achieve constant exposure and become a continual avenue of communications to your audience that appeals to their core emotions on many planes and adapts to their changing wants, needs and circumstances without ever losing “touch” or salience.

There are many avenues to achieve this, ranging from audience touch to motivation, and our campaigns allow you to do this to a maximum degree with minimum expense. Regardless of your needs, Cardamone Marketing Group’s goal is to surround your targets with constant and compelling messages.

Cardamone Marketing Group blends the precision, power and control of advertising with the credibility found in traditional public relations. The result is a hybrid form of marketing that maintains an unparalleled ability to reach and motivate each member of our clients’ target audiences as a sales generating tool with unlimited power.

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