The Christopher Group

Christopher Group web design
Christopher Group web design
Christopher Group web design

Founded in 1998, The Christopher Group (TCG) has become one of the nation’s largest and most respected boutique HR executive search firms.

With combined HR careers at General Electric, PepsiCo, Progressive Insurance, Merrill Lynch, R.J. Reynolds, Raytheon and CitiGroup, founding partners Tom and Paula Christopher saw a unique opportunity in the HR search marketplace. For years, these former human resource practitioners utilized several of the nation’s leading HR marquee executive search firms when filling critical mid- and senior-level HR openings. These firms were, and are to this day, good organizations with strong people and respectable search processes.

However, Tom and Paula saw an opportunity to do search differently. They passionately believed in creating a unique boutique executive search firm led by former HR practitioners and staffed by highly trained search professionals, employing proprietary systems, tools and processes when conducting HR-only searches. Their firm would provide a unique and industry-redefining search experience for candidates and clients alike. It was at this time that TCG was born.

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  • Client: The Christopher Group
  • Date: June 2015
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