Corporate Identity.

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For your business to find success, a single consistent message is key in branding it to consumers, and it starts with a corporate identity.

At Cardamone Marketing Group, we believe that branding is a company’s “life stone” because every aspect of your business is a representation of who you are. When each piece is working together and portraying the same message, it is a smooth, efficient machine. However, when they are not, opportunities are missed and sales are lost.

To successfully position your business above competitors, one must develop a corporate identity and brand that, when conveyed in marketing and advertising campaigns, provide an attractive, unique and relevant message to current and potential customers to maximize your return. For many years, the primary method of gaining a customer’s attention has been through “interruption marketing.” The premise of this “spray and pray” approach is that if enough people are interrupted then maybe someone will respond; however, we would rather find a more effective way that doesn’t waste client dollars.

Our goal is to boost the relevancy of communications by increasing the recognition of your corporate identity and maintaining a single, concise message that consumers quickly recognize in order to prevent missed opportunities. To do this, we tightly fit together the pieces of your business, branding your company to the world and maximizing your brand recognition.

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