CMG launches web design for Pub Frato

pub frato web design

Cardamone Marketing Group launched this week the web design for Pub Frato Gastropub in Concord, Ohio.

Situated in Gristmill Village Shopping Center, which is just off Ohio 44 at the I-90 exit, Pub Frato was founded by the owners’ love for food, friends and family. Although their goal was to bring the type of place they always wanted to frequent but wasn’t available to the area, it was the owners’ appreciation for family that brought two cousins together—each one bringing a key component to the creation of Pub Frato.

Chris Frate, owner and lifelong Concord resident, first gained experience in the restaurant business as a bartender and manager of a bar in Cleveland’s old Flats district. The bartending bug never left Frate, and he always wanted to get back behind the bar and keep customers happy. Even though his role is now as an owner, Frate is likely to be found behind the bar where he feels most comfortable.

Nick Frate, chef, has been in the culinary industry since working at his dad’s restaurant as a kid. Frate trained under talented chefs and brings his own talent and passion for creating food to his kitchen at Pub Frato.

The ambiance at Pub Frato is exactly what you would expect to find at a place meant to be a cozy space where people can gather to relax. The stone fireplace by the door welcomes you when you come inside, and the television at the bar invite you to stay awhile with new friends.

The combination of a chef-inspired creative menu that focuses on plates to be shared and a great selection of great brewmaster-inspired craft beer makes for a great night among friends.

You can view the project details of the web design for Pub Frato Gastropub in Cardamone Marketing’s portfolio or view the entire web design by going to Pub Frato Gastropub’s website.